Design Dissected by David Galloway


If you’re a Christian, then you believe in the design of living things, because of what God’s Word the Bible tells us. But have you ever taken the time to consider that there is also scientific evidence to support this? That despite what popular science assumes to be true, we can look to biological and chemical facts that prove that we are the product of intelligent design. If anyone is in the best position to deliver this information, it’s David Galloway, former President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. It’s in his book ‘Design Dissected’ that David explores this engaging topic.

Now I must preface this review by informing the reader that the ‘sciencey’ nature of this book is remarkably comprehensible. This is an in-depth, yet accessible resource. An intriguing and informative blend of real clinical cases and entertaining prose is what encourages me to recommend this book for those struggling with evolutionary arguments – whether it is in conversations with others that you need help, or it is you yourself that is wrestling with what you personally believe.

Read about the history of science and how in the past scientific truth has been ridiculed before being widely accepted, and about the danger in assuming that science is able to answer every ultimate question. For example, can science contribute to answering those perplexing ‘Why’ questions that children like to ask: Why is the world the way it is? Why does the universe exist? What is the purpose of living? (pg. 67). Consider the astonishing complexity of biological systems that must be an indication of genuine design and foresight. And what about the considerable measure of blind faith it takes to believe that consciousness, and higher mental properties such as memory and emotion, randomly emerged? Did you know that at the moment of birth, blood flow switches instantly from the mother's placenta to the infant's lungs? A failure in this system would be fatal. This is just one extraordinary example of many that challenges the belief that the universe, life, and conscious experience can result only from unguided, natural process.

Have you ever considered the notion that we are all drawn to information, or ‘evidence’, that validates what we already think, and that we are also less critical concerning this supportive information than we should be? David Galloway explores some work from clinical psychology that suggests that the more educated a person is, the more willing they are to contort ideas within their mind, to convince themselves that a particular case supports their worldview (pg. 192)! Of course, this is an incredibly subjective position from which to address a particular issue. I’m sure, like me, you can easily believe that this is true of the everyday person, let alone the scientists whose words many people take as fact simply because it’s labelled as ‘science’. But perhaps ‘science’ isn’t actually synonymous with ‘fact’. As John Lennox says (cited in Design Dissected) “Nonsense remains nonsense; even when talked by world famous scientists!”.

This book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in thinking about science and its implications, as David Galloway himself clearly is! Whilst his prime object is to demonstrate that there is real scientific evidence that all life was purposely designed, colour is injected into the narrative in the form of personal anecdotes, making this not only an informative but an entertaining read. This is clearly a deeply knowledgeable author, who manages to keep the reader’s attention through clever prose. These are perfectly good reasons why you should pick up this book, however, the main motivation should be that David does not twist the information to fit his ideas, but instead, the facts speak for themselves – it is written in every atom that God created.


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