Where do you buy your books from?

Where do you buy your books from? Perhaps from a multinational company (that shall remain unnamed). This week was Independent Bookshop Week, which aims to celebrate independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland – one of which John Ritchie’s is!

Maybe when you buy a book, for yourself or as a gift, convenience is the driving force behind where you choose to shop. However, next time you go shopping think about some of these reasons why we think it’s great to shop independently:

  1. Books are recommended to you by a person who loves books and knows what they’re talking about - and takes joy in matching the reader with the right book! For example, whether your next read is a missionary biography (like the brand new ‘Joy in the Desert') or a scientific exploration of creation (like 'Design Dissected' from an esteemed scientist) someone at Ritchie’s will be on hand to help you out.

  2. Rewarding conversations with book lovers who work and shop there - if you don’t live locally to our shop in Kilmarnock, we have a wide range of products available here on our website, with free delivery for orders over £25. Or, if it's advice or a bookish conversation you’re after, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Instagram!

  3. Our mission is to support the advancement of the Christian Gospel by the publication, sale, and distribution of Christian Media. By this and, by gifting profits to it, to assist the Lord’s Work Trust to achieve its objectives of supporting the Lord’s servants and work.

Today more than ever, after many businesses have struggled through the pandemic, it’s so important to support the relationship between readers, writers, publishers, and independent booksellers.