Vaccination! Is it the solution?

Maybe the topic of vaccines is not something you’ve had much interest in before. Or maybe, like me, you’ve had a long-term interest in how vaccines have revolutionised health worldwide. Either way, this subject has quite likely been on your mind more than usual in the last few months.

The news that the Covid-19 vaccines had gained approval for public vaccination was greeted by relief by almost everyone. After 15 months of living in a pandemic with uncertainty and restrictions seeming to continue indefinitely, it soon became clear that widespread immunisation was the only means of ending the suffering that has accompanied this disease.

This has been a period of crippling fear for some and anxious apprehension for most, and as such should sober us with the thought that there is a graver issue being faced by mankind than even Covid-19. This problem does not favour those over a certain age, or those with other underlying conditions and it cannot be prevented by a vaccination. This issue is sin and has an impact that will last for all eternity. However, many either do not know that they are suffering from this ‘condition’ or they do not care. As Christians, it is our duty to bring the soul-saving truth to the world. 

Written by James Brown, the tract ‘Vaccination! Is it the solution?’ utilises the current condition of the world to bring forth the message of the Gospel, explaining that the only true means of security has been provided by God through Jesus Christ. We ought to be immensely grateful that effective Covid-19 vaccines are being manufactured, but much more so that God in His grace offers salvation to all who believe. Freely to us, but at infinite cost to Himself!

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

These tracts are available for order at £5 for a bundle of 100, via the link below:

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