Lessons from Lockdown

We have been living with some form of restriction on our normal day-to-day lives for almost 14 months now, which has been plenty of time to reflect on the things we’d never really thought to appreciate before. Now we’re hopefully emerging from this period of constraint we have a chance to consider the legacy being left by COVID-19. Pretty much every area of life has been impacted. For example, months of homeschooling and online learning has changed the way children will be educated in the future; a ‘work from home’ order means that technology will be integrated into our working lives more than ever; and the necessity of interacting with other people has never been more tangible.

But what have we as individuals learnt from living through this crisis? This is the question we are called to answer in the tract ‘Lessons from Lockdown’. In just over 500 words Stephen Baker brings forward an interesting and indispensable message that is illustrated in the story of Joseph. Through the frustrating and tough years of his ‘lockdown’ in Egypt, Joseph learnt the life lesson that is being presented to us today, and is perfectly illustrated in Genesis 50:20:


‘But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.’


This calls us to consider what good we can draw out of this bad we have been experiencing. This tract is not only great for bringing people to the truth of the goodness of God, but also as an encouragement to fellow Christians. Perhaps it will inspire you to spend some time in Genesis chapters 37-50 for both a challenge and some encouragement. 

These tracts are available for order at £5 for a bundle of 100, via the link below:



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