Back To School

We are all now fully back into the swing of the school term and some children find it all new and exciting whilst others take a little longer to settle in. “Pens, Starting School” ideal for the 3-6 age bracket relays the story of Squiggle and Splodge, the youngest of the Pens characters, who are due to start school and Splodge is nervous, and is hiding under the bed covers. With the encouragement of the other Pens, especially Charlotte, who explains that God, their Special Friend, will go with them to school and will help them not to be scared, Splodge finds the courage to go - and has a wonderful day. Three new characters are introduced - the teacher, Miss Fountain Pen, and two new pupils, Rowena Rollerball and Henry Highlighter, who are both starting school on the same day as Squiggle and Splodge. This new Pens story concludes with five days of Bible readings based on the story of David and Goliath. This is a great way to introduce children to the subject of starting school and prepare them for the days ahead.

For those starting secondary school, “It’s Your Move” is a helpful resource: A guide for children transitioning to high school. Offering advice and support, “It’s Your Move” has been given to over one million children across the UK each year since 2001 as part of a program helping them make the transition from primary to secondary school.

  • Gives help and advice to children as they make the move from primary to secondary school
  • Gives children something fun with which they can remember their primary school
  • Provides a starting point for lessons and assemblies about moving on up to secondary school
  • Gives churches another way to serve their local schools and the children who go to them
  • Provides a mechanism for churches to make first contact with local schools,if they don't already have a relationship with them.

It is a big deal moving from primary to secondary school. At 11 or 12, children are used to the secure environment of primary school, where their friends are close by. Now they're leaping into a much bigger, unfamiliar place where there's lots of teenage kids rushing about... small fish in a BIG pond springs to mind! But it's not all bad. It's full of opportunities and adventures and Scripture Union's book It's Your Move is there to reassure children embarking on the next part of their educational journey, reminding them that God is always with them. It's Your Move is a vital tool currently presented to about 1 in 5 secondary school starters. We want even more children to feel confident about making the move to secondary school and by buying It's Your Move, you can help to make a real difference.

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