On Friday 9 March, Glasgow saw a large crowd gather as John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University and internationally renowned speaker on the interface between science, philosophy and religion, spoke on the subject Are God and Faith Anti-Science and Anti-Reason?   This topic hit a nerve, as the joint event between Glasgow University Christian Union (GUCU) and Echoes International, a mission organisation, saw all 500 tickets go within a week, with a large waiting list of more people keen to come along.   A full house at the Tron Church, Kelvingrove, in Glasgow’s West End near Glasgow University, heard John Lennox explore questions relating to science, philosophy and religion.   John Lennox suggests:    “I think that young people are beginning to get tired of strident aggressive atheism.  They are also increasingly preoccupied by the search for a fulfilled life and find no credible solution in the moral relativism that they meet everywhere.  Attendance at such lectures shows to me that many are still open to having another look - or perhaps a first look - at discussion about the God question that does not insult their intelligence.”   Due to such high demand for tickets, the event was also live-streamed and recorded, drawing in an audience from around the world, and audiences in the hall and online were able to text and tweet questions for the Q&A session afterwards. 

John Lennox latest title "Determined to Believe" has been popular amongst customers online and instore over the last few month. View more of his titles by clicking the link below:


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