Matthew - Riddle

John Riddle is well-known throughout the United Kingdom and further afield as a very gifted Bible teacher. For many years, he has conducted a Friday evening Bible Class in his home assembly at Cheshunt.   Those who have been able to attend this Bible Class have been blessed richly - and others are now able to get the benefit as well.  Notes from these meetings have been reproduced as commentaries, the latest of which is "Matthew".   This extensive book - over 600 pages in length -  is highly recommended.  Chapters are divided into appropriate sections, with the very helpful use of alliteration.  Various writers and preachers are quoted and contributions made by others who attended the Bible Class are recorded.   Matthew was, of course, the tax-collector who was graciously called by the Lord Jesus to follow Him - and then used by God to pen this delightful Gospel all about His Son.  The Lord's birth, baptism, temptation, transfiguration, death and resurrection, and His miracles and parables - are all recorded here.   As Mr Riddle takes us in great detail through the 28 chapters of the Gospel, the results are - illumination and adoration.  Read this book and, like so many in Matthew's Gospel, you will find yourself worshipping Christ.



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