We were really sad to learn of the death of Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi, who died at the young age of 34. Nabeel shared his story from Islam to Christianity in his book “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. “Answering Jihad” has been one of our top selling titles. A tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter page sums up his life story, simply stating “I left Islam because I studied Muhammad’s life. I accepted the Gospel because I studied Jesus’ life”.

One of our book reviewers wrote this about the book: Answering Jihad brings the insight of a man who was once an ‘insider’.  His background as a devout Ahmadi Muslim means that he was not looking at his subject from a detached viewpoint but as one who knew what it was to practice Islam and to study jihad (also known as ‘holy war’). The book is not an exposé of Islam, nor does it attempt to refute Islam from a Biblical perspective.  In writing it, Nabeel hoped to clarify the reality that violent jihad is found in Islam from the very start.  But he also wanted to urge Christians to have a more compassionate approach to the Muslims that they meet. The book is presented in three sections and is written in the form of answers to eighteen questions (six in each section).  In the first section, he deals with the origins of Islam, the meaning of jihad and the issue of sharia law as presented in the Koran and the various Islamic hadiths (traditions in Islam). In the second section he considers jihad as it is today, looks at the ‘peaceful’ and ‘radical’ traditions in Islam and identifies the contradictions between the two.  In the third section, he explores jihad in the Judeo-Christian context – particularly in relation to the Old Testament, the Crusades and the teaching of the Lord Jesus in relation to violence.  None of these questions are dealt with exhaustively but the main issues are highlighted. In what is a complex issue and where passions can run high, I found the book very informative, very balanced and written with a fair amount of grace.


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