Search For Truth Series by Ruth Chesney

One of our bestselling books for 2015 was in fact a teenage fiction title written by Ruth Chesney from Northern Ireland. Teenage fiction can be difficult but Ruth has managed to produce a gripping novel that has appealed to teenagers and adults alike and I could not put this book down until it was finished. “Evidence” was book 1 in the Search For Truth Series and is based on a fictitious family in Northern Ireland. It begins in an underprivileged part of Belfast where a young lad has grown up under the influence of a drunken father. Events transpire to make it advisable for him to move to the country for the summer holidays. He resents this, especially when he discovers how vastly different the lifestyle is. His biggest problem is discovering what Christians are like and what they believe. It does not sit easily with his usual home life and all the opinions he has been showered with at school and elsewhere. Ruth does not shy clear of describing modern society as it is: broken homes, drink fueled misery, teenage rebellion, smart phones and more – all carefully described with great realism. Crazy adventures and teenage excitement are graphically described as the book develops but the main point is how evidences for God mount up. The beauty of creation, the reality of conscience, and the lives of Christians gradually but inescapably move him away from his prejudiced atheism. It is moving to get to the point where he is saved. Young people need to be assured that atheism is bankrupt, notwithstanding the constant heavy brainwashing from the media. The real evidences are powerful and should be emphasized.  Ruth has done a great job and young people can relate and say “so that is how it is after all”. The series will provide vital signposts for teenagers on the road of life and the second book in the series has just arrived – “Witness”

We are offering book 1 and 2 together for at £5.00 each to blog readers.

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