Home Call Of Peter Jackson

We were really sorry to hear this morning of the home call of Peter Jackson. Peter was born blind but a brilliant pianist and had a great testimony to tell which he sometimes did whilst playing the piano. He was a good friend of us here at Ritchies and we always enjoyed selling his music. He produced a variety of CDs and DVDs – “The Stranger of Galilee” and his last one “These We Have Loved” included a great selection of old Sunday School Songs that many will remember from years ago. His testimony DVD “Heaven In Sight” is aptly named and how lovely to think that today Peter will have his sight back. Only eternity will reveal those lives who have been touched by his music and testimony, indeed my husband trusted in the Lord Jesus at the age of sixteen under the preaching of Peter during a holiday week at Herne Bay Court. Links to Peter Jackson’s music can be found by clicking the titles above.

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