Back To Our Roots

It’s always great to keep going back to the roots of our business and I try to remind myself at the beginning of a new week of the legacy we are trying to maintain here at John Ritchie Ltd. John Ritchie himself was born in 1853 and born again on the 2nd April 1871. The great revival of 1859 made an indelible impression on thousands of people and in one memorable week over twenty young people professed faith in Christ, one of them being John Ritchie. The remainder of his life was evidence of the reality of what took place on that day.  There have been many revivals over history and Tom Lennie’s book “Land of Many Revivals” documents a comprehensive history of Scottish awakenings from the Protestant Reformation right up to the early Victorian era. This is the untold story of Scottish revivals, bringing to light a host of unknown or long-forgotten revivals. We have taken £2.00 off the normal selling price of this hardback edition – was £14.99 now £12.99.

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