As we learn to blog...

Welcome to our new website and we hope you enjoy having a browse. To celebrate the launch we have many items with up to 70% discount and these offers won’t last too long. We would also love to hear any feedback on the new site whether negative or positive and trust you will bear with us during the first few weeks as things settle in.

When the new site –  was launched our Website Administrator Gillian (who also happens to be our bookshop manager) and her accomplice Josh (who happens to be my son), were going through the training process when a sentence was thrown in at the end of the session, “by the way you will need to keep your blog up to date”. These words seemed to strike fear in the minds of my colleagues and the task has fallen to me to take up the challenge. I hope you will bear with me as I learn this process and keep you up to date with my reading material and recommendations from reviewers. I’m a busy mum of two teenagers and married to Raymond who happens to have spent his lifetime selling books, so there have always been an endless supply in our house. We all have a different opinion on what constitutes a good book and whilst I would prefer a good novel or biography, there are many I know who would devour a Bible Study or Commentary, so I will do my best to include as broad a range as possible when offering recommendations. Of course, it’s not all about selling books and we will keep you up to date on the happenings at the Ritchie premises and zone in on some unwitting members of staff to give an insight into their day.

Enjoy browsing.

Thanks Alison

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